We're real people, based in the US, just outside New Orleans. Any time we go out, we need to spend at least 3-5 business days at home recovering. Preferably more. Don't get it wrong though, because being at home is not the same as doing nothing (well, maybe some days it is).

Our fellow Recluses get this. So many of us are thinkers, tinkerers, artists, creators, readers, writers, rockers, bakers, gamers and goofballs in various proportions. We fill up our time in ways that are exciting and interesting to us, which preferably involves being in the absolute comfort of our own homes.

This mindset is what created Recluse Rags. We wanted to cater to our fellow homebodies, all the beautiful individuals out there who enjoy spending their evenings and weekends doing cool stuff while also feeling as casual and cozy as reasonably possible.

If you can relate, then you must be one of us. We're thrilled you're here!

child fully and thoroughly wrapped up in fluffy blanket and sitting on a couch

Our Brand

We're a low-key, casual lifestyle brand for homebodies, introverts, and creators, focused on offering high-quality comfort for your casual days. We tend to favor simple yet colorful designs, but we also really enjoy the creative process and sometimes can't help but let our weirdness shine. Never can be too certain what may show up on our page, but we hope you enjoy at least some of it.

Our Products

While we work hard to create designs that we're very proud of, we are still very much a small, indie clothing brand. For this reason, all of our products are currently made-to-order. We don't mind though, because this allows us to offer a wide variety of product options, without risking over-producing anything. The options are great for you, and the reduced waste is great for the planet! Who doesn't love a win-win scenario?

Of course, this process can sometimes take a few days longer to get your items delivered than many people have become accustomed to, but we hope you'll find the benefits and quality to be worth the wait!

pond with trees lining edge and ducks in foreground near grasses

Our Future

Shoot, you're still reading?

Listen, we didn't expect you to scroll this far. We're a pretty miniscule operation over here, and talking about ourselves is not our strong suit.

But, since you came all this way, just know that we're constantly striving to evolve our product line and enhance our designs, while also maintaining an extreme focus on quality materials and top-tier customer service.

We get that everyone says that, but it's true. And also, we really liked this picture we took at the park and needed a third section here in order to use it on this page.

Stay 'luse or get Rec'd.