Recluses aren't just trying to be alone. Rather, they are trying to be their own and bring the feeling of home with them wherever they go. Think relaxing days in the sun, inventive nights in the shop, time spent with their best friend (human or otherwise), or simply a coffee and a good book.

Home means something different for everyone, but if you can capture that energy and carry it with you, then life's overwhelming moments become that much easier to power through.

Put another way, we're all about achieving that Jaunty Man state of mind, that unshakable confidence that can only come from feeling right at home, anywhere.

If that's what you want too, then you might just be a Recluse like us.

Stay 'luse... or get Rec'd

Jaunty Man Energy

When you rep the Jaunty Man, you carry the confidence of home with you. Our signature figure, with his head held high and leg raised "jauntily", represents that feeling of being unbothered and in control of your own world.

Much like when your favorite song plays through your earbuds, let the Jaunty Man energy strengthen your spirit, so you can Stay 'luse through it all.

Black sweater with 3 "Jaunty Man" stick figures embroidered in purple, green, and gold, with each holding a drink, a trumpet, and an umbrella.

Style + Comfort


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White mug with happy pixellated smiley and two hands raising pixel style middle fingers

Simple + Sass

Not today you dear, sweet fool.

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Man in Nope Shirt and Stay 'luse Denim Hat looking away from camera

Social + Not

Bit too crowded out here...drinks and a board game at home? Perchance?

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woman smiling with light denim hat with head tilted down, Stay 'luse (abbr. of Recluse) written on the side

Classic + Functional

Understated energy. Versatile styles.

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