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Welcome to Recluse Rags! Our goal is to capture the energy of some of the varied things around us that just feel like home. Think relaxing days in the sun, inventive nights in the shop, time spent with your best friend (human or otherwise), or simply a coffee and a good book. Even cancelled plans are on the table, because that means we literally get vibe at home in our comfy clothes and do things our way. That said, don't be surprised to see a lil smidgen of our anxious side pop out sometimes as well; you get the full package of our emotional complexity around here.

We lean into a sense of playfulness to express this energy, laid out in simple yet often colorful designs. Every one of our original designs resonates with us in some way, bringing us joy, confidence, comfort and [insert feeling of your choice].

We hope you find something that resonates with you, too.

Stay 'luse... or get Rec'd

Casual Days Call for Recluse Vibes

When it comes to clothing, we prioritize comfort. That's why we choose to put all of our designs on ultra-soft fabrics. We want our clothes to be something you find yourself wanting to wear over and over again, and that make you smile every time you put them on.

Black sweater with 3 "Jaunty Man" stick figures embroidered in purple, green, and gold, with each holding a drink, a trumpet, and an umbrella.

Style + Comfort


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White mug with happy pixellated smiley and two hands raising pixel style middle fingers

Simple + Sass

Not today you dear, sweet fool.

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Man in Nope Shirt and Stay 'luse Denim Hat looking away from camera

Social + Not

Bit too crowded out here...drinks and a board game at home? Perchance?

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woman smiling with light denim hat with head tilted down, Stay 'luse (abbr. of Recluse) written on the side

Classic + Functional

Understated energy. Versatile styles.

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